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At Wildcat CrossFit, we recognize that fitness isn’t just about how you look right now; it’s about how you feel and move long term in your life, and what kind of an old person you turn out to be. Planning for the long term means cultivating different aspects of fitness into your physical training regimen. And this is where our excellent CrossFit programming comes in. Our training approach takes into account all of the different aspects of functional fitness, so you will be ready for whatever situations life throws at you.

In general, CrossFit seeks to train athletes to achieve functional fitness (fitness that is useful and helps you to get things done), by incorporating exercises that train the 10 distinct aspects of fitness: Strength, Speed, Agility, Accuracy, Power, Balance, Flexibility, Endurance, Stamina, and Coordination. In summary: Strength, Quality of Movement, and Conditioning. That’s why we encourage our athletes to develop good movement patterns before going too heavy.

Most exercise programs work only one particular area of fitness, or only a few of the many muscle groups. But isn’t it better to be able to run a mile, AND help your friend move a refrigerator? Humans who cultivate more than one aspect of fitness are generally fitter and more useful humans to have around. We want to help you to be one of those very useful humans.

Become the weightlifter who can also run a mile. Become the endurance athlete who can also lift heavy. Get better at jumping, climbing and balancing. Do your very first Pull Up! And learn how to apply your fitness to real life situations, so you can use it, and use it to be of service to others.

Our programming is structured in goal-oriented cycles, emphasizing strength training, and utilizing elements of powerlifting and Olympic lifting to build strength and explosive power. We also incorporate a wide range of workout lengths and intensity levels, from short-duration high-intensity interval training to longer, extended cardiovascular endurance efforts.

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