CrossFit Classes

The CrossFit WOD involves combinations of different elements, depending on what the focus of the workout is. Some WODs may be more strength focused and involve weightlifting, others may be more skill-intensive, or conditioning oriented. Many of the metabolic conditioning workouts will feature a prescribed (“Rx’d”) weight to use for one or more components of the workout; while prescribed weights are listed as benchmarks, the weight listed for any workout can always be scaled to what is appropriate for each individual. 

We offer 30 CrossFit Classes a week. Each class is one hour long and led by one of our experienced coaches. All classes have a general warm-up, detailed instruction and explanation, a specific warm-up, the workout, and a cool down. Throughout the class the coach interacts, teaches and offers support to provide the best , most valuable training experience possible. Held throughout the day weekdays (see our Class Schedule).

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